Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ros {Couple}

What more could a girl with a camera want than a gorgeous couple, a fast piece of metal and an open field? 

I was more than excited when my friends agreed to bring my vision to life and do a session with their bike.  Love the connection this couple have not only with each other but also with me.  They oozed passion, love, and softness.  

And then I of course had to have a little fun with Tong all by her lonesome with the bike.  She defiantly brought her A game and I can't thank her enough! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Love {Couples}

There's not much I can say about this couple other than I absolutely love them. I met Marty when we were stationed in Okinawa.  He spent his time there working alongside my husband.  He would talk about his then girlfriend that he left here back in the states and was so excited to marry her once he got orders back stateside.  I love seeing military couples who wait to get married and go thru military life as a 'dating' couple.  Maybe it's because it's something my husband and I did (we waited 4 years, 3 in the military) but I think the spouse, especially, gets a feel for whats to come come without being 'tied down'. It's rare and I love meeting couples who share that common bond my husband and I have.  So needless to say once we got back to the states I was excited to finally meet Heather who was now Marty's wife.  I also knew I wanted to do something special for them as newly weds.  Since I was still trying to get my name out there for my biz I offered up a complimentary session to our friends.  This session not only gave me the chance to see who the Loves were as a couple but it also got me more familiar with my new home, Oceanside.  

 Stay tuned for the baby bump and meeting baby Love <3 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gramann {Maternity}

Being back in California as been so nice especially when I get to reconnect with familiar faces that I haven't seen in a few years.  Case in point Amanda.  I met Amanda when I was working for Lowe's before I had my son.  The last time I had seen her I was actually in her shoes and very pregnant.  I kept up with her via social media and got to see her journey thru newly weds, soon-to-be mom and now a mom to a little handsome boy.  When I found out she was pregnant I was still in Okinawa but I knew I would be home around the time she would be due for maternity photos.  Loved meeting her husband and seeing her glow.  They are such a laid back couple it made it easy for me to just do my thing.  We met up at Oceanside Pier during sunset and I got to see all the potential this new home had for me as a photographer.  Well now that it's been over a year since Amanda has seen her baby bump I guess it's time to turn back the clocks for her.

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