Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Peets {Part Duce}

Being a military family is a tough gig but being a dual military family takes amazing strength. After shooting their family (here) Natalie came to me asking if I could take pictures of them with their kids while they are in uniform. Natalie is on her way of becoming discharged from the Marines and although they live off the saying 'once a Marine, always a Marine' she didn't feel that once she was out she could wear the uniform anymore. So she came to me asking if I could do this one last thing. With their suitcases packed and living at a friend's house getting ready to head back to California we had minimal time and options for location. We did the best we could with what we had and all in all I think the pictures captured what she wanted and will be able to give her the memories she wants before she becomes a civilian, hangs up her blouse and puts away the boots. To the Peets, you will be missed in Okinawa but we will see you again back in Cali!
By the look in the kids' eyes you can tell that even at their young age they are beyond proud of their parents.

Kailey sporting Mommy's blues
Jayden sporting Daddy's blues

Saluting wearing Mommy and Daddy's covers.
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  1. Ashley, again you amaze me! Thank you! I love them all. I truly will cherish these photos.....they mean so much to me. My babies look better in our Blues then us! Lol.

  2. I love the portraits of the kids, they are wonderful!

  3. oi! LOVE the little kids attitude in these! Simply stunning!

  4. Wow!!! Such a powerful session- gave me goosebumps! Beautiful family and thank- you to mom and dad for their service!!