Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jena {Stylized}

I love meeting and working with new models. I love how they are willing to learn and just go with the flow...find their own style just as us photographers do.  And just as much as I love working with new models I LOVE working alongside fellow photogs.  The energy that you feed from each other is like no other. I also think helps make a photo shoot that much more fun. I was invited to second shoot along side Stacey from Stacey Moua Photography.  I was more than honored as I haven't shot with Stacey yet.  She built the concept for this shoot herself and used an up and coming model as her subject.  Jena isn't new to island, however, she is new to this industry. I absolutely adored working with both women and found the shoot to be effortless.  Jena's look was classic and reminded me of Mary Jane from Spiderman (Yes, I told her that about 10 times during the shoot LOL).  She was defiantly one I couldn't wait to work with again (be on the lookout for future blogs).  Stacey did a wonderful job setting everything up and even working her magic on the hair and makeup and Jena did amazing taking direction and just being her beautiful self.

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  1. Love the outfit and that hat. It does remind me of spiderman movie and the alley a little bit.

  2. LOVE! You have blossomed into an amazing photographer!! Beautiful work!

  3. These are so gorgeous! I love the velveety feel of the photos, they are a perfect fit.