Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jackie {Teens}

This girl doesn't get enough action in front of the camera. Jackie is the older sister of Desie who can be viewed here and together they can be viewed here.  Jackie had a big birthday coming up...her 15th or quinceanera.  Since she spends her big day back in the states with her dad her mom, Alex wanted to do something special and that's where I come in.  She wanted some updated pictures of her baby :) Location played a big part in this because everything that was suggested Jackie really didn't sound too excited and we all know if a teen isn't excited it's going to show thru in the pictures and we didn't want that. Finally I suggested the 'Haunted Hotel'. I have shot there numerous of times as it's one of my favorite locations not only for photo shoots but just in general.  Jackie is big on 'scary' things and I figured this was the last chance for me to get her excited about getting her pictures done. Boy was I right! When I asked if she wanted to go there her eyes lit up and Jackie was beyond stoked. This in turn made me excited. Once the wardrobe was chosen and school was officially out for summer we packed up the kids (little ones and all) and headed out for a fun little photo shoot and a little exploring. I am glad I have friends and clients who are willing to explore and venture out with me.  I am glad I got to photograph Jackie one on one as I have got to seen her grow into a beautiful woman theses past couple of years.  And who knows...if Alex and her family get stationed where we are next (Marine Corps is a small small world) I will get the chance to photograph her in her senior year.  Here's hoping but until then, Happy 15th Birthday, Jackie!!

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  1. What a gorgeous girl! You could definitely see that she was into the session - the connection is great. A haunted hotel sounds like a lot of fun for sessions. I love the one of her in the doorway and the sitting on the stairs!

  2. What a fun session location for her photos. Love the stairs one too.

  3. I love her smile! Happy Birthday! Looks like she had an amazing time!