Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sumiko {Stylized}

There is nothing more than I love than just getting a few girlfriends together, play dress up, take pictures and just have some child free, uninterrupted fun.  I have had the opportunity to photograph Sumiko in the past and partnering it up with my amazing and talented friend, Ashley of Ai Photography  is nothing new.  The moment Ashley and I stepped foot in the South East Botanical Gardens on a trip we took our boys on we knew we had to shoot there! This place just screamed photo session potential.  Before the gardens started gaining photographer traffic we had to act fast.  Sumiko had asked me a month prior about showing interest in working with me again so I took this opportunity and asked her if she wanted to get all dolled up.  Without hesitation she accepted.  She found a beautiful dress at the thrift store for a whooping 5 dollars and we did her hair and make.  Since this shoot was just for us we had to play the cards right and budget accordingly.  By doing so I think we did great with what we had and although we were a sweaty mess by the end of the day I am so thankful to have been able to capture this little hidden treasure in Okinawa with a beautiful model.  And of course, it's always fun and a pleasure working side by side Ashley!

 Yes, the garden has a field of plastic cows.  So we really couldn't resist. 
 Girls just wanna have fun! 

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  1. wow $5 for that dress! Amazing! Love the location so very pretty!

  2. How fun to work together with another talented friend! I really love the location - what a gem you found. And the dress, what a steal. Your model was gorgeous and the photos have such beautiful tones and connection. Great work indeed!

  3. I love love love this location. I use to take walks with Milk Monster there all the time. So glad they reopened it! It's so much fun to collaborate with friends! Keep up the great work!