Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Amanda {Stylized}

'Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear' - Aimee Mullins

One of my favorite things to capture on camera is the moment when the person I am shooting feels their best and you can tell thru the photo. As woman we tend to be insecure about our selves, weather it be our hair, our body, the way freckles fall on our skin. There seems to always be something we want to change. I love helping woman push thru those insecurities and love themselves for who they are.
I met Amanda as she was the doula for one of my mommies (HERE). She is one of the most down to earth people I have met. When she came to me asking me to take pictures of her and only her I was more than excited. Stylized shoots are far and few in-between when it isn't an idea I have. Amanda wanted to feel beautiful. She wanted to do something for herself. After hiring myself as her photographer to capture her beauty she trusted me in finding a make-up artist to style her up and manage her mane. My go to MUA had already left Okinawa but I was totally okay with that because I got to meet and work with Ashley of Ashley Furnish Artistry.
I encourage all women to at one point in their life to just let a day be about them.  Get pampered. Have photos taken. Be carefree. Be you!

 Once the hair came down a fierceness came out like never before. 


  1. Beautiful! You did an amazing job capturing her!

  2. I love how her confidence and comfort in front of the camera just shines through. You can really tell that she was completely at ease. Beautiful lady! I'm sure she loved these photos!

  3. These are absolutely stunning! Your model is gorgeous and I LOVE her hair!

  4. Gorgeous and I LOVE her hair in them too.

  5. Great session - she was styled beautifully