Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Baby Love {Lifestyle Newborn}

If there is one style of photography I love it's lifestyle.  It's how I capture my own family.  It conveys the realness of the world around you.  It captures the real laughs, giggles, touches, and love between the persons within the frame.  When it comes to newborns sure the cute poses in the baskets are fun and the infants always look adorable but there's no connection.  There's no feeling.  And little do people know it takes multiple images to make the one when following safety standards and posing a little one propped up on its elbows or hanging in a 'storks blanket'.  With lifestyle photography things are much simpler.  Swaddling, snuggling with mama, laying in their crib, making memories in the comfort of ones own home is how I capture new life.
Now that you have an idea as to what lifestyle photography is and why I shoot that way let me introduce to you this little man.  I met this couple while we were stationed in Okinawa.  They were just dating at the time and flash forward a couple years; they are now married and welcomed their first born into the world this December.  After a couple days of adjusting as a family of three at home they welcomed me in to take some photos.  I was so excited and it also made my own baby fever grow! And now I present to you baby Love.

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