Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gramann {Maternity}

Being back in California as been so nice especially when I get to reconnect with familiar faces that I haven't seen in a few years.  Case in point Amanda.  I met Amanda when I was working for Lowe's before I had my son.  The last time I had seen her I was actually in her shoes and very pregnant.  I kept up with her via social media and got to see her journey thru newly weds, soon-to-be mom and now a mom to a little handsome boy.  When I found out she was pregnant I was still in Okinawa but I knew I would be home around the time she would be due for maternity photos.  Loved meeting her husband and seeing her glow.  They are such a laid back couple it made it easy for me to just do my thing.  We met up at Oceanside Pier during sunset and I got to see all the potential this new home had for me as a photographer.  Well now that it's been over a year since Amanda has seen her baby bump I guess it's time to turn back the clocks for her.

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