Sunday, May 19, 2013

Seven Year Itch?? {Anniversary}

Who says cake smash sessions are just for the one year olds?? I have been building up this couples shoot for a while now in my head and really wanted to test it out on a couple that I knew would have fun with it. Ashley and Koichi fit the profile for this concept perfectly however, I didn't know when their anniversary was. But after asking I was so happy that it was approaching quickly! Ashley didn't even give it a second thought when I asked...which I figured she wouldn't :)
Ashley and Koichi were celebrating their 7 year anniversary this year and are proof that even after 7 years you can still be playful, loving, and full of new experiences. I am beyond blessed to have met them here in Okinawa and I know that even when we leave this beautiful island our friendship will continue. And who knows....maybe for their 14 year anniversary we will relive this cake smash session ;) 
I was adjusting my settings and got this shot. Love it!

Cake smash session complete <3
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  1. What a creative idea!! I love these. My husband and I celebrated 7 years earlier this year too :)

  2. Such a great concept and the photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. aww this is so cute!!! What a great idea and that beer looks good right about now!

  4. A couple that plays together! :) Love the fun spirit you captured!