Sunday, May 5, 2013

Alex W. {Stylized}

As I am testing the waters with all the different ways to photograph people (families, couples, kids, glamour, concept) I am finding that I am in LOVE with any shoot when it's one on one. Doesn't matter the age or gender, I love when it's just me giving direction to one person. They listen, don't get distracted and tend to take direction a lot easier when it's just them.  I truly get excited when I have a one on one session.  This was particularly true when I found out I was going to be shooting a pale skin, blue eyed, red headed beauty.  Alex went thru 3 complete looks (first one I wasn't present for) but I had enough gorgeous photos to make up for missing the first look.  Not only was Alex an awesome model and embraced her looks she is also a fellow photographer (here) here on island.
And here is the amazing Alex White! 

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