Thursday, January 30, 2014

New You!

We are in full speed into 2014 as February is quickly approaching.  Going into the new year I wanted to combine two passions of mine: fitness and of course photography.  Towards the end of 2013 I became a coach to a little company called BeachBody.  I grew fond of the workouts as working out at home became my only way to stay fit while being stationed in Okinawa.  Since we have moved back I have continued with my at home workouts along with some gym time.  
Going into 2014 I wanted to do something special for those locally who signed up under me and wanted to make that change and get healthy.  The journey to get fit is hard and I know at times one may feel like quitting but it's those that continue who are so inspiring.  
To those who inspire me, their families, and friends I want to give you a special gift.  I want to offer my services to celebrate the New You! With all the dedication, time, sweat and tears I want to give you a day that is all about you.  With the help of my good friend Sarah from Makeup By Sarah we are combining our services to give you a full stylized shoot.  So if you are in the Southern California area and would like to earn a free shoot please send me an email at or head over to my Facebook and send me a message :) 
A special thank you goes out to Jennifer for letting me put her pictures out there.  I am so proud of your journey and how dance fitness has become a part of you!

To qualify for a free shoot:
*one must head over to my coach page, pick a challenge pack, and let the fun begin!
*must be in the San Diego/Orange County areas


  1. This is absolutely wonderful! And I can't really think of a bteter way to celebrate fitness and change than photos. :)

  2. What a beautiful lady! Both pictures are full of beauty and she just seems to radiate grace. What a wonderful gift!

  3. WOW this is wonderful! Both of the images are beautiful but you can just tell she feels so much happier in the second! This is such a wonderful way for you to celebrate people's commitment to fitness! ♥

  4. How amazing and what a great way to give back!!