Thursday, March 6, 2014

L&A {Couples}

This session was such a fun, loving, and overall a great time.  Going back to this makes me miss this couple more than ever! During our three years in Okinawa the Martinez family was one that we got super close to, kids, husbands and of course Alex and I.  The Southeast Botanical gardens had just reopened their doors after being closed for 2 years so I was stoked I got to do a shoot there at least once before saying good-bye.  I wanted to do a couples shoot that was more of a passionate shoot.  Alex was quick to say yes when I asked if her and Luis would be game.  Was I surprised, not one bit! The two of them have a great style, are extremely passionate and goofy at the same time.  We got lucky with the weather as we seemed to be chasing clouds that day and the rain decided to move once we got to the gardens.  As much as I miss the Martinez family I am super excited that they are moving back this spring and will be in Cali during the summer! My countdown has officially started but until then I get to go back and reminisce with the photos I took of this wonderful couple!

 And this is why I love them! He's trying to 'sweep her off her feet' and all she can do is laugh

And because they are so fun to watch I asked them to dance <3

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  1. What a gorgeous couple and a beautiful session. What a perfect setting to capture such a fun loving couple who clearly is head over heels in love with each other!

  2. Oh Okinawa! How I miss you so! I love how you played around with the different focuses and smaller details. It told a store and really drew me in. I love the variety in each photo. Very well done! <3

  3. Great pictures! There is seriously nothing better than photographing a gorgeous couple in a gorgeous location!

  4. Oh the gardens in Okinawa I miss them. Beautiful shots and a great looking couple. You nailed highlighting them and the memories of the location in this session