Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heidi {Stylized}

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful
I put out a model search for a woman with freckles....a lot of them. My friend referred Heidi to me and when she sent me her picture I knew she would be perfect. Other than a few chats thru messages on Facebook I really didn't know much about Heidi. She knew this photo session would be focused on her freckles and the beauty they show.  Little did she know my friend Ashley and I had other plans for her. We had just got done constructing our Sue Bryce inspired skirt earlier in the week so we were pretty anxious to test it out. After we did out initial photos I brought out the skirt and Heidi's face just dropped LOL She said she didn't even wear that much tule/lace on her wedding.  After a little talking she slipped on the skirt and worked it! Heidi may be the ultimate tom-boy but I am so glad that we showed her that she does have a softer side and that she is gorgeous not only on the inside but also on the outside. 

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  1. very cool! you sure know how to put a beautiful mood in your shots!! great images!! she is stunning. so that helps too <3

  2. I think the umbrella one is my favorite

  3. Very cool! I love the umbrella shot!