Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jackie & Desie {Sisters}

I have had the privilege and honor of photographing these two beauties since the moment they moved in next door.  Weather it be just for fun at the beach, on island adventures or actual shoots I love these two. I'm sure when they first met me and we started hanging out they thought I was a little crazy that i had my camera attached to my hand but now it's just second nature and they ask me where my camera is when I don't have it on me. With Jackie more involved in school she isn't around as much as Desie so  photographing her is a bit more of a challenge which is why their mom and my good friend asked me to do some 'sister' photos of them. I was more than happy to do this for them. Their mom was up for any location so I happened to pick Kurashiki Dam since none of them have been there yet and I just love the versatility that location has to offer.  Besides a few minor encounters with creepy bugs and ginormous ants the shoot was a total success and I am so glad I was able to give their parents memories of their girls here in Okinawa.

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  1. Beautiful girls! My favorite is the one of them looking at each other in the grass, I love the emotion!

  2. Beautiful girls! I love how their outfits contrast and pop so well with the setting - really makes them shine!