Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little Miss Addison {Children}

The first year of Addison's life no doubt went by a little too fast! When Allison and Nate moved to Okinawa, Addison was just a little peanut in Allison's belly. Being able to watch Addison grow and become the little princess she is has been so much fun. She is tuning into quite the little girly girl with a bit of tom boy tendencies thanks to her car loving 4 year old brother, Landen. The Lillys have never once asked me to take their photos yet they comment on my work all the time so I figured I would take it upon myself and asked Allison if she was up for a family/one year old shoot for Addison. I love this family and wanted to do something nice for them and knowing they didn't do maternity or baby pictures I figured they were due ;) Allison was more than accepting on my offer and after a couple reschedules due to weather we finally got to have some fun, dress Miss Addison up and get the family together.
Addison generally is a very happy and upbeat little girl but the day of her shoot she just wasn't feeling it but thanks to Landen's signing and dancing and some yogurt raisins she was a happy girl once again.  Although children can be super unpredictable I absolutely love working with them. The innocents in their eyes and the personalities they bring out is what attracts me to them. Kids will be kids and you just have to roll with the punches and see what works that time of day for them.

A little pre photo shoot photos from Addison's birthday party

 'It's my party and I'll cry if I want to' oh the drama of being One 

Loved the set up for the shoot we planned out for Addison :) 

A personal favorite of mine and the Lillys

 Had this pose in mind for the longest time and so happy I saved it for these two!
Happy birthday, Addison <3
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  1. Love these pics! I miss the Lilly's!!!!

  2. oi! These are precious I love the last one of the kiss!!! too cute!

  3. Such a sweet cake smash! You captured her first birthday beautifully!

  4. LOVE the setup for her one year pictures!!! So beautiful! What a cute family and how extremely thoughtful of you to ask them if they would like pictures! That is so kind :)