Saturday, February 2, 2013

Andrew {Part Duce}

Last month I met a young man visiting Okinawa from the states that I took head shots of (here), well before his departure from Oki my friend and I wanted to do one last shoot with him with the concept of yoga and sunsets. Little did we know when we met up with him at the beach he didn't know a lick of yoga LOL We ended up sticking to the basics and everything turned out pretty good. This shoot defiantly fueled the fire to finding someone who is flexible and knows some yoga. Nothing is more peaceful then an beautiful sunset, calm oceans and the energy that radiates from yogis.

Silhouettes are a piece of cake when you have an amazing backdrop. SOOC. 

Andrew took on cycling as a way to get around island while he was visiting so he wanted a photo with his bike :) 

Andrew may not have known much yoga but he surprised us that he knew how to slack line which was fun to watch and photograph. 

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