Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Experimenting {Spinning}

So this week has been pretty laid back for me in the world of photography and getting out there and taking photos. I have mainly stuck around the house taking my daily photos for my 365 project. I was on Facebook looking thru local photographer's fan pages when I came across FotoShisa, a well known photographer on island, and he has taken some of the cutest pictures of his daughter here. So it got me thinking, how the heck did he do that!! That's when I turned to my friend, google, and just started searching for 'taking pictures of spinning kids' after a couple minutes of looking at different links and trying to find a tutorial I finally came across one here. The instructions were pretty good the only thing is that I would be doing this while my husband is at work so I had to figure out a way to do this solo. I clicked on the flicker group that is linked within the site and just started searching thru peoples pictures in hopes that there was a way I could do this on my own. With further exploration I came across this picture and the photographer has made a harness of some sort to attach the camera to his torso. I then put on my thinking cap and grabbed what I had at home (fabric), cut a hole in it just big enough so my lens would fit and then tied it as tight as I could. It worked pretty good. I still need to come up with a better harness so the camera can be as tight to my body as possible for less camera shake...I will be def taking a trip to the local craft store here soon. Hope this inspires a few to get out there and play a little. Sometimes we get all caught up in creating the 'perfect' picture and we forget to just have fun with our cameras.

The two B&Ws were my very first attempt

 Was babysitting my friend's daughter and decided to go for round two

 Trying so hard to get him to look up but he just couldn't do it. 
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