Friday, February 1, 2013

Haunted Ballet {Stylized}

Photo courtesy of my amazing friend at Ai Photography

This shoot has been in the back of my mind for over a year! However, my confidence hasn't been there and so getting the nerve to ask someone I don't know to be my model was nerve wrecking to say the least. Also, being surrounded by amazing talent that continuously pushes me to be my best helped me take the leap and my this shoot a reality. Almost a year ago I asked on Facebook if anyone knew of a ballet dancer because I was getting the 'itch' to photograph one at the one and only Haunted Hotel down the street. A friend of mine sent me the email address and phone number to a friend of hers and said she was willing to model. I was happy and nervous that I got a response back so quickly that I just tucked her information away forgetting that she is a military spouse and will be moving off island at some point. Fast forward to now~dug out that message and got the courage to email Erin, not even knowing if she was still here in Okinawa. Thank goodness she was! and was more than happy to pose and do her thing. For support I invited along two wonderful women and fellow photographers to tag along. We then spent 2.5 hours wondering the hotel admiring the light that was cascading thru making our jobs that much easier.
After whittling away at the photos that weren't to my standard and then emailing them off to Erin to get her approval for correct ballet form I ended up walking away with 101 photos. All of which I am very proud of and have gotten a tremendous amount of positive feed back. And all of this wouldn't be possible without the grace, beauty and talent of Erin!

I am beyond thrilled that I not only got one leap but two! Erin was quite impressed as well ;) 

Beyond beautiful 
First time pulling out the wide angel for a photo shoot! :) 
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