Monday, February 18, 2013

Belly Dance {Stylized}

Once again, the art of photography has brought together a group of photographers and friends. My good friend, Ashley got an idea to shoot belly dancers after our ballet shoot. Finding people with as much passion for what they do makes photographing them an amazing experience. Upon meeting Milagros (Millie) and her 15 year old daughter, Viole, they were so sweet and and very composed despite the handful of photographers that showed up. As Millie put it, she felt like a movie star with paparazzi following her around and asked if we could do this everyday LOL She defiantly wasn't shy in front of the camera. It took Viole a little longer to warm up but once she did, she did amazing! I am very grateful to have met Millie and Viole and see many more photo shoots with these two in the future.

Love the look on the mother's face looking at her daughter. 


My Favorite shot of the night.
Perfect timing
Dance like no one is watching.

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  1. Love the one of the sun shining thru the material and the one of her holding the sun! What a fun session!