Friday, April 5, 2013

Art Connection {PhotOkinawa}

Photo I chose to Print~Naha Tug of War Festival 2012
As I am sure, you have read plenty about the photo group I am actively involved in here in Okinawa and the amazing people/artists that are within the group. Here on the Marine Corps base, Camp Foster, the library hosts different events monthly for who ever signs up and wants their work displayed. Apparently spots fill up fast because this has been in the works since Oct/Nov of last year.  Anyways, the admins of the group got the 'ok' and spot for our group to host the month of April and hang our work on the walls they have set up for these events. And for the whole month of April our work will be displayed and a guest book is available for those who choose to comment on our work. This is the first time I have ever had any of my photos printed at a size larger than an 8x10 and I love it! As a group we decided to all have our prints the same size and same format so that not one is bigger or smaller than the rest and all are created equal. We went thru WHCC and had our photos made into 12x18 on metallic foam board. The metallic really made the colors in our prints pop and the foam board made it easy to hang since they weren't that heavy. We all ended up meeting at the library, hung our photos, took some pictures and called it a day. I am excited to see what people write about our work in the guest book and I am just happy to see something of mine hanging for the public to see with some amazing work by some fabulous photographers!

The Ad Featuring our display
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