Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sk8er Chick {Stylized}

It all started with a bow. 

I saw a friend post on Facebook a new hair accessory she got from the 100yen store and an idea just clicked. I asked Sumiko if she would be my model and she gladly accepted. I have worked with her before but as an assistant to my friend Ashley from Ai Photography. I knew she could model and she knew how to have fun and not take herself so serious.  Sumiko and I went back and forth thru messages to get the outfits together. I wanted bright, fun, and girly yet give off a slight tom-boyish feel. And with this shoot I defiantly feel we accomplished all of that! Once we knew this shoot was happening I called up my girlfriends Sarah from Be.You.tiful Makeup by Sarah and Ashley to join in on the fun. I knew Sarah would be the PERFECT M.U.A as she loves to do wild and crazy makeup.

As makeup was getting started the downpour started but lucky for us it only last but a few mins and by the time it was time to head out the door the skies were clear of rain. The location I picked out for this is actually just out the gate and I have had my eye on it since it went out of business due to the fun colors the surround the building. Between the outfits, makeup, hair, skateboard, and location I couldn't be happier with the results! Thank you again, Sumiko, Sarah and Ashley for a great day and letting me do my thing :)

 Nothing's better than a clean pair of Chucks

And she couldn't resist a little 'butt boarding' down the hill ;) 
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  1. What a rockstar! I love the sexy "tomboy" feel to these!

  2. Work it girl! HOW FUN! I love the colors!

  3. Looks like it was a fun shoot! I love the last three photos.

  4. Love the fact you found inspiration from a bow. What a fun session!

  5. Excellent work! I love the expressiveness of the model's eyes, hypnotizing to watch them.