Sunday, April 14, 2013

C&M's Engagement {Couples}

Living on a beautiful island in a foreign country has it's many perks when it comes to opportunities that include me with the camera in hand. However, one thing I haven't had much experience in is the engagement category.  People that come to the island are generally already married or they are hush hush about their engagements until they get back stateside and can celebrate it with their families. My neighbor, Chasidy, came to me a month ago with some exciting news that her boyfriend who is currently serving in the US Navy had proposed to her. She then asked if I would be able to take their engagement pictures....being that this is a rare occasion for me I gladly accepted! They were game for location of their shoot which made me very excited because I had the perfect place and one I have wanting to shoot at. We were going to head to the beach to catch the sunset but I spaced it out that there was a festival happening at the beach we were going to venture to. So we will be doing a 'Part 2' of their session at different beach which is really nice because Chasidy and Mike were a joy to work with!

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Each one of them reflects the feeling and emotion of the moment. The editing is superb. Great job!

    1. Thank you! They were a fun, young couple to work with!

  2. Beautiful! I love couples in love!

  3. couple sessions are so great! So much love! Keep exploring Okinawa is a gorgeous island.

  4. Love the emotion you captured between these two!