Saturday, April 20, 2013

C&M's Engagement {Part Duce}

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting a young couple in love for their engagement photos. What was suppose to be a park turned sunset at the beach photo session we were only able to do the park due to a festival and traffic that was heading towards the beach we were going to take pictures at. Although it postponed the completion of their engagement pictures we were able to meet up at a different location and get some wonderful shots in. All week the weather had been more than picture taking ready as our days have been filled with rain.....lots of rain. I put on my dancing shoes and the the reverse rain dance so that we could do these photos and guess what it worked! No rescheduling needed! :) Hopefully once Chasidy and Mike tie the knot I can do a little session of the newlyweds.

 The low tide went perfect with their orange jerseys! 

  And because we couldn't resist the roller and cement slides :) 
For this session I asked my good friend, Ashley along for some guidance with the posing because I really didn't want to copy the same ones I did the last time and lets face it...she's great at posing couples.  I'm glad she came, not only was she great in the posing department but provided much comical relief as as usual. I am gonna miss her when we leave island but we have plans for when she gets back stateside and I know I will be able to go to her for guidance no matter where the Marines sends either of our families :) 
What fun we create on a photo shoot...demonstrating poses for the couple in love. Thou I think Chasidy and Mike executed it a bit better than us ;) 
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  1. Wonderful photo session! Congrats.

  2. Thank you! It was def a fun session :)

  3. Very nice session! I loved the unique posing ideas in some of the photos. :)

  4. These are fantastic! I love the colors and the feel of the photos, what a beautiful couple!

  5. LOL love the last image! It's always great to see behind the scenes. ;P
    The session looks great! I love shooting at low tide the green of the seaweed.

    Looking forward to seeing more images!

  6. I miss Okinawa ;( I'd go back in heart beat. Great pictures!!

  7. oh how cute! I love the way they look so comfortable and relaxed! Good job!

  8. I miss Oki and shooting at the beach and with the sun. Great capture of the personalities and love.