Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pint Sized Ballerina {Lifestyle}

If you guys remember back in February I had the opportunity to photograph the talented ballet dancer, Erin (Check out that post here). She not only was a fantastic dancer but such a nice person. Erin happens to have a little daughter whom I had met once prior to this shoot and she was so adorable. I asked Erin if she was into dancing and she didn't hesitate to tell me her daughter loves it and kind of beats to her own drum when it comes to ballet classes. I knew I had to capture this! So I again contacted Erin via Facebook to see if this would be something she would be interested in and sure enough she was more than happy to let me photograph her and her daughter. I sent her some images and she ended up ordering all new outfits just for this which I wasn't expecting nor asked but I am so glad she did because the big poofy tutu she found her daughter, Zoe was perfect! Once the outfits came in and she got the OK from the studio she works at to use the space we set a date. After much planning the day came to shoot and Zoe didn't disappoint! She was def all over the place and did her own thing which Erin kept apologizing...Kids will be kids and that's what I love! At the end of the day I only had to bribe Zoe once with a kitty sticker and I learned all about her dog and baby cousin. I am so happy with this session and I hope these are photos both Erin and Zoe will cherish forever.

 Erin brought in her pointe slippers for Zoe to 'try on' and it was so awesome to see her face light up!
 One slipper was nice but she needed to try on the second one

 Without being asked she just got up and tested out the slippers!
 Here's where the bribe came in! Got this idea from pinterest :)

 Showing me her stuff on the 'balance beam'

 Thank you Zoe for being you!
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  1. Lovely session! Exquisite work. Sure they are very proud of your photos (you too of course)

  2. WoW! Love the entire session! Gorgeous imagery! What a fun session!!

  3. this is the sweetest blog post i have ever seen!!! love!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, LOVE these so much!

  5. These are sooooo adorable!! I love them!

  6. oh these are so cute! My daughter has her first ballet recital this saturday and these really touched my heart.