Saturday, December 1, 2012

Clickin' Mom's Photo Walk 2012

I have heard amazing things about the site Clickin' Moms and the wonderful things they offer for moms with a camera. I never would just glance at the site every once in awhile but it wasn't until I joined in on the photo walk that was put together by fellow photographers and Clickin' Moms. This was my second photo walk and once again I had so much fun. The location of this walk took place in Okinawa, Japan along the seawall near Kadena AF base. Once the walk took place I headed home and joined Clickin' Moms once and for all and haven't looked back!
Fellow photographers that joined up for the photo walk 
Seawall Art 
iPhone Magic 
 Healing in the Sun 

Cool footwear and my favorite photo of the day 
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