Monday, December 3, 2012

Mrs. M {Boudoir}

Winter time in Okinawa calls for a lot of rainy days which isn't ideal for photography. However, when you get a couple of your close friends together magic happens. My neighbor was so nice to let me take pictures of her since I have been getting the itch to take some Boudoir photos. With the help of a fellow photographer, an awesome MUA and my lovely neighbor we took full advantage of an empty house on a gloomy day. There were a ton of laughs, coffee, and of course clicks of the camera. This shoot reminded me exactly why I love boudoir. Thanks again, Alex, Ashley and Sarah for an awesome morning!
The start of my favorite sequence of the photo shoot 

Bitting her lip for her Mr. Grey ;) 
4 girls and a TON of laughs 

Soft and Beautiful 

Mrs. New Booty :) 
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  1. These photos are awesome!! Stopping by from MWAC :) I look forward to seeing more!