Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Photo Challenge

I came across a Facebook page Photographer Depot  and really liked what they had to post. I came across a photo challenge for the month of December I figured I would take a shot and submit a photo. Although I am just a hobbiest I still love a little challenge and I love seeing what other post and how creative photographers get.

I took a photo of my son earlier this month when I was playing with Christmas tree lighting. There have been a lot of posts and inspiration on Pinterest and I wanted to create my own vision and so I grabbed a flashlight, a large board book and my son. Well out of about 50 pictures of him playing with the flashlight, looking everywhere but the book, and the dog running all over the place I finally was able to capture what I wanted. There is just something about the book lighting up that brings Christmas spirit to the my son is getting invited into the book.

Come and stop by Photographer Depot and look at the wonderful things on their blog and come join the fun and submit your own December Challenge photo :) 

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