Saturday, December 1, 2012

Okinawa Hai Calendar

Last year I was told about the local calendar that gets published and photographs from people here on island is showcased within the calendar. I was still fairly new to island (a year in) when I decided to say what the heck and submit a couple of photos I have taken just randomly around island. Much to my surprise one of my photos where selected. Talk about confidence booster! I was beyond flattered that my photograph was going to be published for all to see alongside amazing photographs taken by even more amazing photographers.
The photo that was chosen for the 2012 calendar was a picture I took of a Adan Fruit tree at Sunset Beach.
The photo that was chosen to be in the 2013 calendar is of three women sitting at the beach wearing traditional Japanese summer kimonos.
I'm very proud and happy to see my work get recognized year after year. Here's hoping to for three in a row :)
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