Friday, December 14, 2012

Tattooed Beauty {Stylized}

I was asked to tag along with a fellow photographer, Ashley of Ai Photography, on a stylized shoot. I was so excited for this shoot because one, we were shooting my friend, two, she was going to be rocking a tutu, and three, it was at one of my favorite locations, the haunted hotel. Here in Okinawa when a business falls thru people literally pack up their belongings and leave the site and everything else stays. Once a place has been abandon the locals taggers come thru and leave their work behind and for the most part their art is amazing. So when Ashley told me she wanted to shoot at the hotel I jumped on it and was excited as I have been there two times before just to look around so ideas started bouncing around in my head. Sarah was such a good sport and I really couldn't be happier with the outcome of my photos.

The breeze going thru here was ridiculous! Loved it! 

My absolute favorite of the day 

This shoot made me so excited to go out and explore/shoot the other abandoned gems on this wonderful island! Thanks again, Ashley and Sarah! 
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  1. Gorgeous images! Looks like a great shoot!

  2. Looks great! The doorway image is my favorite.

  3. I bet she feels like a rock star after this session!