Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fun Bokeh

The local photo group I am apart of here in Okinawa had a meet up this past week to walk around a little shopping area, American Village, to bust out our bokeh kits and have some fun with all the Christmas lights at night. I love this side of photography. The artsy, who cares, no rules, just have fun photography. We meet up at the good old Starbucks, got our hot drinks and headed out. Being that it's Christmas time, we were able to count on using our cute cups as our focus within the pictures....or at least that's what I did :)  American Village is filled with Christmas cheer and it defently makes me miss home a little less during the holidays and it's always nice to share it with people who love the same things as you: photography, coffee, and pretty bokeh!

A string of lights hung between buildings make for a pretty cool effect 

Shisa making hearts flip 
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