Wednesday, December 26, 2012

24 Day's of Christmas Photo Challenge

I have attempted a few photo challenges in the past but always get lost in the sauce and never complete it. I came across this one on Pinterest towards the end of November and figured I would try it out and completing it was on my side since Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. Nothing makes me feel more warm and fuzzy inside than Christmas music, decorations, seeing kids smile ear to ear, and the magic that comes with believing. So I grabbed my camera and embarked on competing my very first photo challenge. Yes, it was only 25 photos, but still it was the fact that I had to take my camera everywhere. And for the first time in a long time I actually took more photos this month with my DSLR than my iPhone!
 Day 1~Lights 
 Day 2~Decorations 
Day 3~Gifts
We didn't have any gifts under the tree yet but these are all the boxes to be mailed out to family and friends back home 
Day 4~Traditions
As a little family that has been all over the place over the holidays we really haven't had a chance to establish any traditions yet but for the past three years mailing home presents has been a tradition of ours. So glad this was hopefully the last year of this tradition. 
Day 5~Santa 
Day 6~Stockings 
Miguel's forever stocking, my homemade one, and Felipe's Marine Corps one <3 
Day 7~Snow 
Day 8~Tree 
Day 9~Treats 
Day 10~Joy 
Day 11~Carols 
Day 12~Vintage
These were made by my great-grandma for my brothers and I when we were babies. So glad they got passed on to me.
Day 13~Festive
Trying to be as festive as we can on our little tropical island
Day 14~Glitter 
For more on this fun little mini shoot visit my pervious post: 'Glitter'
Day 15~Warmth 

Day 16~Ornaments
These are the ornaments that I have collected over the past 3 years on Okinawa
Day 17~Wreath
May not be a traditional wreath but it's one that I made from rope from the Naha Tug-of-War
Day 18~Giving
A friend of mine shared an address via Facebook on sending snowflakes to Sandy Hook so that the halls of the new school can be filled with love and joy. I took this opportunity to get my son and I involved and we made 20 snowflakes to send to decorate Sandy Hook and remember those 20 young babies that were lost way too early. 
Day 19~Reindeer 
Day 20~Memories
Day 21~Bells
Day 22~Cookies
Day 23~Sparkle
 Day 24~Christmas Eve
Day 25~Unwrapped
My hopes for 2013 will be more complete photo challenges and growth as a photographer <3
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  1. so awesome! I always start daily photo challenges too but never finish! last week on my P52 though and I've kept up with that!

  2. Congratulations on finishing the challenge! I am looking forward to doing more challenges in 2013, too! :)

  3. These are great! I really get a nice feel for what your month was like:) I love all the little details:)